Welcome to EctarPhoto

I’m Mykhaylo Lytvynyuk, the photographer

I love photographing people !
I love capturing emotions and beauty !
I love nature !

My path

Was born with camera

Always kept camera in my student’s backpack

Started early career as a class photographer, followed by proper career as a fashion photographer in modeling agency
Brought my gear to Canada and decided that I’m definitely staying here, it is too beautiful to leave!

Photographed hundreds of weddings

Featured in National Geographic book and magazine

Featured in Canadian Geographic magazines

Won Canadian Geographic photographer of the year award in landscape photography ( 2012 )

Active member and photographer of Ukrainian Community

Always see worlds as a framed photograph

Always want to capture THAT moment

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What can I do for you?

Together we can freeze time and beautiful moment!

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The world is a vast place, and it can be hard to stick out from the crowd. I will take your ideas and work with you to bring them to reality.

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Family and kids

I work hand-in-hand with clients, not against. I believe that together we can bring the best of fashion out and on the line.